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CA PRO Membership program rewards makeup artists,
celebrities and beauty enthusiasts who have selected the CA Store for their work.
The membership program is complimentary offered for those within the industry,
offering discounts* on products and free shipping on all orders.

In order to qualify, you must follow the application process below and once approved,
you will be given your own unique discount code to use on the website.


All applications are subject to our approval and can take up to 14 days to process.
There is no application or renewal fee.

CA Pro is available worldwide.

Products acquired as a result of CA Pro membership are intended for the personal and professional use by our members,
and are not to be resold under any circumstances.

Christian Abouhaidar PRO Team reserves the right to approve, deny or cancel membership at any time, and at our discretion.
Changes may occur to the program at any time without prior notice.

The CA Pro discount cannot be combined with any other offers or sales and available only at


If you are a working Makeup Artist

1- download and complete the CA PRO application form
2. Copy of 1 Valid ID - Proof your ID using photo identification
    •Driver’s License

Applicants must include three of the following credentials:

•Professional License
•Editorial page with name credit
•Crew/Call list from production company with letterhead
•Union Card
•Business Card with name and specific profession
•Agency Comp Card
•Link to website

If your are a Makeup Artistry student

1- download and complete the Pro application form
2. Copy of 1 Valid ID - Proof your ID using photo identification
    •Driver’s License
3. Proof of current enrollment at a licensed school of makeup artistry

Once you have completed your application, please e-mail it and all of the relevant attachments to:

Makeup Artists | Celebrities 30%
Junior Artists | makeup assistants: 25%


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